The Parish started as a gathering of worshipping community in the early 1950s in the residence of G. A. Martins at 60, Lawanson Street. Eleven families came together every Sunday to offer Sunday prayers. This became regular and their numbers continued to increase. Thereafter, the congregation shared their problem with the Oba of Itire and this saw them moving to a mud house approved by the Oba, at 1, Isiaba Street - Itire, Surulere - Lagos. At this stage, the congregation was referred to as St. Martins Catholic Church.

From this point, the late Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. K.Aggey. approved a priest fromSt. Joseph School Ishaga to say (one Mass) at 8:00am on Sundays for the worshippers. The church then began to increase in number day after day. The first Easter Celebration of the Church then took place on 18th April, 1965 and the first Thanksgiving Mass also held on December 19, 1965. With the rapid increase in numbers, the older members of the committee started looking for a larger space for expansion as the existing mud building could no longer accommodate the worshippers due to the wide spread news about the existence of a Catholic Church within the Itire locality.


With the persistent search by the committee, Chief (Dr) David Abimbola Awoniyi, a parishioner then donated eight (8) plots of land to the Church between Olatilewa and Abayomi Street, where the Church is now located. During the starting period, the name was Saint Mulumba Catholic Church, Itire. Saint Matiya Mulumba, also known as Matthias Murumba Kalemba (1836 - May 30, 1886), was a Ugandan Roman Catholic, one of the Martyrs of Uganda, who was martyred on or around May 30, 1886 at around the age of 50. Twenty-two of the martyrs were Roman Catholics and were canonized by Pope Paul VI on October 18, 1964. Their feast day is June 3.

The family of the donor of the land through his daughter requested that her father's name be incoporated into the name of the Church as a way to immortalize him. After consideration and in appreciation of the kind gesture, the late Archbishop Aggrey approved the family's request and the church name became Ss. Mulumba and David Catholic Church.Saint David (c. 500-589) (Welsh: Dewi Sant) was a church official; he was later regarded as a saint and as the patron saint of Wales. David was a native of Wales. However, his birth date is still uncertain, as suggestions range from 462 to 512.

It is claimed that David lived for over 100 years, and he died on a Tuesday 1 March (now St David's Day). It is generally accepted that this was around 590, making the actual year 589. His last words to his followers were in a sermon on the previous Sunday. Rhygyfarch transcribes these as 'Be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do the little things that you have seen me do and heard about. I will walk the path that our fathers have trod before us.' 'Do the little things in life' ('Gwnewch y pethaubychainmewnbywyd') is today a very well-known phrase in Welsh.


Many priests had been posted to head the affairs of the parish and each had recorded tremendous progress for the parish. Some of the parish priests that have served in the parish since its inception includes : Rev. Fr. Kehinde (1966-1971), MsgrShomide, Rev. Fr. Hoteyin(now Msgr), Rev. Fr. Osigwe (now Msgr. Osigwe), Rev. Fr. Coakley, Rev. Fr. Alapini, Rev. Fr. Burke, Rev. Fr. Akinlotan, Rev. Fr. Akpala, Rev. Fr. Obi, Rev. Fr. Obayomi, Rev. Fr. Erinle (now Msgr), Rev. Fr. Daniel Adayi, C.S.Sp, Rev. Fr. Paschal Obioma, C.S.Sp. The current pastor is Rev. Fr. George Egbetu, C.S.Sp