Parish Societies

Today, Ss. Mulumba and David has over thirty-five societies, which are classified into three categories and headed by Spiritual Directors for guidance, counselling and to facilitate spiritual growth. Below is a distribution of the societies and groups all headed by Priests in the Parish

Rev. Fr. Daniel Adayi, C.S.Sp.
(a) Altar Servers (e) Charismtics (i) lectors
(b) MODS (f) CMO (j) Padre PIO
(c) Church Wardens (g) PMCC (k) Photographers
(d) Choir (h) Christian Fathers
Rev. Fr. George Egbetu, C.S.Sp.
(a) Parish Youth Council (f) St. Vincent De Paul (k) Christian Mothers (p) Holy Ghost Society
(b) CYON (g) Egbe Mikeli Mimo (l) Christian Brothers (q) YCW
(c) CBIU (h) Sacred Heart of Jesus (m) Pages of Blessed Sacrament (r) CWO
(d) Pioneers Total Abstinence (i) PMS & Children Mass (n) YCS (s) Lithurgical Committee
(e) CWO (j) St. Rita Society (o) Basic Christian Community
Rev. Fr. Agbapajuru, C.S.Sp.
(a) Morning Star (f) St. Jude Society (k) Missionary of Ass. of Mary Imm. (o) Ave Maria
(b) St. John De Baptist (g) St. Philomena Society (l) Divine Mercy (p) YCWO
(c) St. Patrick Society (h) St. Anthony Of Padua Society (m) Purgatorian Society
(d) St. Joseph Society (i) Tansi Solidarity Group (n) Queen Of all hearts
(e) Block Rosary (j) Parish Laity Council
The Parish
  • Parish Vocational Centre – Fr. Dan Adayi Cssp
  • The Parish Clinic – Fr. George Egbetu Cssp
  • The Parish Clinic – Fr. George Egbetu Cssp
  • Parish Bookshop – Fr. CyracusAgbapajuru Cssp
  • Legion Of Mary – Rev. Sr. Stella Maris (EHJ)
  • Catholic Women Organisation – Rev. Sr. BenedictaOguike HHCJ